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Summer Nail Care ☀️

Summer is here, and a professional nail technician knows firsthand how the season's activities can affect your nails. From the sun to the sand and frequent dips in the pool, summer fun can take a toll on nail health. That's why it's important to share some essential summer nail care tips and explain why regular appointments with your nail technician are more important than ever during this sunny season.

Keep Hydration in Check! Hydration is key to maintaining nail health. The summer heat can lead to dehydration, making nails brittle and prone to breaking. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and don’t forget to apply a nourishing hand cream regularly. At nail appointments, a technician can recommend specific products designed to keep cuticles and nails moisturized and strong. We sell our cuticle oil in the salon, and it's perfect for on the go cuticle care

Nails are just as susceptible to UV damage as skin. UV exposure can cause discoloration and weaken the nails. It's always suggested to use a hand cream with SPF or apply sunscreen to hands before heading outdoors.

Protecting Your Nails is always important! Whether swimming, gardening, or engaging in other summer activities, protecting nails is crucial. Chlorine from pools can dry out nails, and dirt from gardening can lead to breakage. Wearing gloves during certain activities and applying a nail strengthener can make a big difference.

Scheduling regular manicures is one of the best ways to keep nails in top condition. Here’s why:

- Consistent Maintenance: Frequent appointments allow nails to be trimmed, shaped, and kept healthy. Regular care helps prevent common issues like hangnails and split nails.

- Professional Care: Nail technicians use high-quality products and techniques that might not be available at home. Treatments like cuticle care, nail strengthening, and hydration can significantly improve nail health.

- Early Detection of Issues: Regular visits mean potential problems can be spotted early, such as fungal infections or nail diseases, and addressed before they worsen.

- Customized Advice: Each nail appointment provides personalized tips and product recommendations based on specific nail needs and lifestyle.

Make sure you are avoiding direct contact with harsh chemicals! During the summer, nails are exposed to more elements that can dry them out. Professional-grade products used during appointments are both effective and gentle on nails.

As you know from our last blog post Nail Art and Summer Trends are one of our favorites!

Summer is a great time to experiment with fun and vibrant nail art. Whether you're into bright colors, intricate designs, or minimalist styles, regular appointments ensure nails are always looking their best. Nail technicians can help you keep up with the latest trends and suggest new ideas to match your summer wardrobe.

Taking care of nails during the summer is essential for maintaining their health and beauty. Regular appointments with a nail technician ensure nails receive the professional care they deserve, helping them stay strong, hydrated, and protected from summer hazards. So, book your summer nail appointments today and keep those nails stunning all season long!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

With love and care,

The Brushed Girls


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