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Trending Fall Nails 2023

  1. Cute Fall Nail Art

These almond shaped, acrylic nails are perfect for anyone this fall! With the perfect matte orange and two detailed nails, it will be the talk of the town. Detailed leaves and an adorable fox make it perfect for your new set. This is all freehand by one of our amazing technicians!

2.Plaid feature nail

You will see these styled nails all over TikTok and we had so many clients ask for them this season! They are definitely top of the list request this year! These would look cute on any shape nail!

3.Brown with glitter on ring finger

This is perfect for our girlies who want a little bit more than just one solid color throughout and feel a little jazzy with adding in a sprakly ring finger! This look will never get old and can be used with a combo of colors! This is one of our favorites for this fall 2023!

4. Abstract Nail Art

Can you see it?! The cutest abstract turkey you have ever seen! With natural tones, a pop of sparkle, this is the cutest future pinterest inspired nails you will ask for!

5. Neutral tones

Some may say it's basic, but we say it's classic. A perfect square nail with earthy tones are perfect for any-day setting. Trying to stay professional, this may be the perfect look for you!

You'll be sure to fall in love with all of these fall nails this 2023 autumn season. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, we can't wait to see what is trending for Christmas, 2023! Stay tuned!


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